Disc Injury in Raleigh?

disc injury can be helped by a chiropractor

Do you have a slipped disc or another disc injury in Raleigh? If you suspect that your periodic back pain is the result of a disc injury, or you have been diagnosed with a disc injury, you should be able to find help by seeking chiropractic care at Johnson Chiropractic, PC.

To prevent further permanent damage, it is very important to seek treatment regardless of the pain level. This article will discuss symptoms related to disc injuries to improve your knowledge of your condition. We will also explain how chiropractic care at Johnson Chiropractic, PC can provide instant relief from pain and discomfort for the possibility of long-term full recovery. A chiropractor in Raleigh can help with a disc injury.

Advanced, Non-Surgical Care That Can Give You Safe Pain Relief….

Our computerized chiropractic care is highly effective and extremely safe in relieving nerve pain from unhealthy discs. There is no twisting, popping or cracking with our advanced computer-assisted chiropractic care in Raleigh, so its not only gentle, it’s proven to be successful for a variety of disc problems.

Understanding Disc Pain in Raleigh…

  • Disc Tear – this is a tear in the outer portion of a disc or it’s annular fibers. This injury is often misdiagnosed as muscle strain and is often medicated with prescription muscle relaxers which can allow a more severe injury to follow. This injury may or may not be associated with radiating nerve pain.
  • Disc Bulging – the center of a disc is a soft material called the “nucleus pulposus” and may bulge abnormally when the outer portion of a disc is injured and weakened. With “bulging disc” there can often be radiating pain and numbness. We have a high success rate with bulging and disc and it is important to help the disc heal quickly to avoid a more serious “disc rupture” or “prolapse.”
  • Disc Rupture or Prolapse – the soft center (nucleus) is pushed through the outer wall of a disc and may leave an attached or freely fragmented piece to apply painful pressure to the spinal cord or nerves. Some of these cases require surgical intervention.
  • Disc Degeneration – this means the disc material has become dehydrated like a dry, stiff sponge. Disc degeneration is largely preventable in its early stage with modern chiropractic care and is best treated by modern chiropractic care, whose primary focus is to restore mobility to the vertebra above and below each disc, thus helping the disc material to rehydrate, like a moist sponge to cushion space between spinal vertebrae. Healthy disc, mean happy nerves and painless, flexible, movement.

Common Misconceptions About Disc Problems

Disc Can “Slip!” Not True. Disc cannot slip because the disc is attached to the vertebra above and below by fibrous tissue. The human spine has 23 discs.

Degeneration or thinning of a disc is a “normal part of the aging process” – Not True. Disc degeneration is primarily the result of injury, disc trauma and postural abnormalities. Many of these causes can be eliminated with good chiropractic care. As with dental care, the same is true of chiropractic care, “prevention is king!”

After Surgery a Disc is Like New Again – Not True! While some disc problems require surgery, even the most skilled surgeon cannot make a disc completely healthy again. Modern chiropractic care should be a key part of the rehabilitation after spine surgery with the goal of restoring and maintaining good mobility in the spine, this is especially true when two or more vertebra must be surgically fused!


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