Chiropractic Testimonials

Low Back Pain

“Over my long history of low back pain I’ve tried muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and painkillers, basically just trying to mask my pain. Having been under Dr. Johnson’s care for a few weeks I am pleased with the results and I’ve stopped taking drugs. I would recommend anyone with low back pain to give his chiropractic clinic a call.”

- R.T

Chronic Low Back Pain & Loss of Sleep

“The back pain started with a work injury five years ago and I never recovered. After a while I wouldn’t sleep all night and had to get out of bed every night because of back pain. Tried sleeping meds with no results. Dr. Johnson identified my problem as two misaligned vertebra and after two weeks of adjustments I’m sleeping better and waking up much less from back pain. I’m going to recover and I’m very grateful.”

- B.H.

Severe Neck and Left Arm Pain

“The pain began one morning and soon began to travel down my left arm with numbness. My medical doctor x-rayed my neck and found a degenerated disc in my lower neck. He gave me pain medication and referred me to Dr. Johnson. The relieve began after 5 or 6 visits and now I have no pain and take no painkillers. I’m doing exercises Dr. Johnson gave me and see him once monthly to prevent further degeneration in my spine.”

- S.T.

Numbness in Right Leg and Lower Back Pain

“My job requires sitting all day. I had experienced sciatica before that would go away after a few days. This pain came and wouldn’t relent. My sister sees Dr. Johnson and referred me. This problem was a small disc bulge that responded to his care and exercise. I’m grateful for the wonderful care and kind staff. Nice people!”

- J.Y.

Low Back Pain

“The pain and swelling feels a lot better. The staff was excellent, very caring and supportive. Good luck you’re on the road to recovery.”

- J.M.

“I tried hydrocodone, muscle relaxers and heating pad with poor results. Dr. Johnson’s chiropractic team is excellent. They are people friendly and you will love them. I have no back pain now.”

- T.A.

“A great alternative to just popping pills. Little to no pain now and chiropractic has allowed me to control my martial arts training.”

- R.L.

“Pain for one year in my lower back and leg. Steroids, aspirin didn’t work for long. Thanks to Dr. Johnson’s care I have no back. Very supportive and caring!”

- R.R.

“Hurt my back years ago moving furniture. Monthly treatments keep my lower back from hurting. Chiropractic helps with stress in my low back.”

- S.T.

“Back pain (lower back) I could not bend down to pick up anything. Since chiropractic treatments I’m having no pain. I have been able to return to work and work my long 11-13 hour days and do a lot of lifting.”

- R.H.

“My parents took me to a chiropractor when I was in high school for a sports injury over thirty years ago. Dr. Johnson is the first chiropractor I’ve seen since then. He explained how the Pro-Adjuster computer can help him locate problem areas in my spine and treat me without heavy twisting or cracking my back. The treatments are gentle and I’ve been very happy with the results. I would feel comfortable sending anyone to his office. Thanks for taking good care of me.”

- Bernard S., Teacher/ Coach

“Miraculous! Through X-rays Dr. Johnson discovered that I was born with an extra vertebrae in the lumbar area which explains why I was always having back pain since childhood. Since chiropractic treatment and exercises I have very little back pain. Chiropractic care is great after a stressful day.”

- C.A.

“The staff was kind and helped me get well. I felt comfortable from day one and the treatment was very gentle.”

- Jim D., Landscaper

“I’ve used chiropractic care for years but I never liked the popping and cracking sounds. Dr. Johnson has been treating me with the Pro-Adjuster and it’s great. There’s no popping and I can actually watch the computer screen while being adjusted. I’m just more comfortable with this care.”

- Sarah J., Computer Programmer

“The chiropractic care in Dr. Johnson’s office has allowed me to start running again, be more flexible and most importantly get a good nights sleep. The staff is caring and supportive, they make it a joy to visit the office.”

- B.M.

“Low back pain had limited my ability to enjoy sports for years. After 3 to 4 weeks much of the pain is gone. The best staff I have seen in my 34 years.”

- A.R.

“Had pain from a degenerative spine and had received injections every three months before seeing Dr. Johnson. My back pain is under control without injections and my ability to exercise and walk is coming back. The staff is caring and personable.”

- A.E.

“My lower back was injured at work and for 2 months I took muscle relaxers and lots of pain pills. Dr. Johnson’s care and staff are wonderful. I highly recommend anyone with a back injury to try his drug-free care. Nice people.”

- V.J.

“My low back pain occurred while playing softball in 2013. I was experiencing pain into my left buttock and leg and got little relief from steroid pills. Dr. Johnson treated me for a “slipped disc” and produced major results. The staff is kind and friendly.”

- M.H.

“Suffered with back pain for 6 weeks and kept getting muscle relaxants, the pain returned. Dr. Johnson explained the cause of my back pain and has put me on the road to recovery. Thanks.”

- S.W.

Auto Accident Injury

“Muscle relaxers, pain pills and heating pads just were not working. Since Dr. Johnson’s treatments there is less pain, I’m feeling back to myself before the accident.”

- L.J.

“I was injured in a car accident, my head, neck and back pain was bad. I was prescribed Vioxx, Bextra, Prednisone and muscle relaxers which caused much stomach discomfort. Johnson Chiropractic care has decreased my pain from severe to mild and periodic, some days are pain free. I am feeling much better after three weeks.”

- J.M.

“Injured my low back and neck in a car accident. I have made remarkable progress. I am now able to move better, I have minimal stiffness and pain now. The staff has been very caring, supportive and friendly.”

- S.N.

“My pain was in the lower back and upper tailbone. Now I can stand for a long period of time, can walk with ease, climb stairs, lifting is no longer an issue. Everyone is sweet and kind.”

- J.B.

Disc Pain

“I injured a disc and was basically disabled. The surgeon only gave me a 50% chance of success. Before Dr. Johnson my treatment had involved Hydrocodone, steroids, 3 spinal epidurals and tens unit 18 hrs per day. I am making good progress with chiropractic and the staff is an 11 on a 10 point scale. I never had the pleasure of meeting a staff of people who care the way they do.”

- L.R.

“After being told that my bad disc could require surgery, I went to see Dr. Johnson. After three weeks over 70% of my pain was gone and treatments were gentle and comfortable. I feel like I can care for my family now.”

- Cheryl S., Homemaker

Neck & Shoulder Pain

“Three to four months with problems rotating neck. Ibuprofen would mask pain but it comes back. Much better now and no more headaches. Chiropractic treatments/adjustments and staff very caring and polite.”

- C.B.

“I had limitations with my neck and upper back mobility from an auto accident. Motrin and physical therapy helped little. My response to Dr. Johnson’s care was surprisingly fast and I no longer take medication to mask my symptoms.”

- H.C.

“A work injury had caused me to have back and shoulder pain everyday. Johnson Chiropractic is to me a great place with nice people who gave me my health back.”

- C.J.

“My work involves long hours of sitting that had caused neck and upper back spasms. I can freely move my head and neck now. Awesome staff, wish I had tried chiropractic treatment years ago.”

- K.P.

“Emergency room doctors could not ease the pain I was feeling. I tried aspirins, pain killers and other over the counter drugs with no big help. I saw Dr. Johnson. After my first two visits my pain was so much better. After 6 weeks I could do most of the things I’m accustomed to doing.”

- L.P.

“Thankfully my medical doctor referred me to Dr. Johnson. I couldn’t work and take medication. My neck and arm pain started decreasing after two days and now I’m pain free.”

- Thomas A., Pilot

“For 2 months I had pain in my right shoulder which kept me from sleeping good. I was told that I had bursitis and taking anit-inflammatory drugs would help which they did as long as I kept taking them. Dr. Johnson located the cause of my shoulder pain and helped me do strengthening exercises which helped after 2 weeks. He adjusted my shoulder with the Pro-Adjuster for 3 weeks and I’m pain free now.”

- E.L.

Whiplash pain and Headaches

“I have regained normal movement and now only a mild occasional headache. The adjustments were gentle with the Pro-Adjuster instrument. It actually feels good. Thanks!”

- P.J.

Upper Back and Neck Pain

“Messages would help but the problem returned for two years. Now I have almost no pain.”

- M.M.


“The fibromyalgia was ruining my life. Dr. Johnson’s treatments have helped me regain the enjoyment of life and now I’m controlling the fibromyalgia, It’s not controlling me.”

- C.T.

Pinched Nerve

“I’ve been taking 5 different types of medication and all it did was cover up the pain but it did not make it go away. I am not in pain everyday now and I’m beginning to feel like myself again because most of the pain is gone. I felt really cared for in Dr. J’s office.”

- D.J.

“For over a month my left arm was numb and painful. The pain is completely gone and the staff are kind, caring people. Dr. Johnson fitted me with orthotics which have improved my chronic low back pain.”

- R.C.

“Suffered with right shoulder pain and pain in my neck. An MRI indicated a pinched nerve and I received steroids for 10 days with little relief. I was told to see a spine surgeon and didn’t like that idea. A friend referred me to Dr. Johnson. I’m glad I came and with Dr. Johnson’s care my neck and shoulder are pain free. How many people could avoid surgery with his care? Some will never know.”

- P.M.

“I came to Dr. Johnson with a pinched nerve that had been a source of pain, sometimes mild, sometimes extreme for about 8 years. This time the pain mainly in my right leg was unbearable. After about 8 to 10 chiropractic treatments the pain is almost gone.”

- L.K.



“Had headaches for 10 months and they were getting worse. Dr. Johnson showed me how tight muscles can affect the neck and cause headaches. After several weeks of treatment my headaches are 90% better and now I can sleep good at night.”

- L.A.

“Pain pills were doing little to help my headaches. Dr. Johnson showed me how tight muscles in the back of my neck were causing my headaches. He helped me gain more neck flexibility and my headaches are not an issue. When I feel my neck get tense I see Dr. Johnson and the relief is immediate.”

- L.W.


“I was living with Advil for my headaches. Since treatment with chiropractic adjustments and a monthly check-up adjustments I only occasionally take Advil. My stomach is happier too. I wish I’d tried chiropractic years ago.”

- T.J.

Migraine Headache

“My mother suffered with migraine headaches and so have I since high school. Dr. Johnson explained how chiropractic can help control migraine headaches and since seeing him my headaches are not coming nearly as often and I’m taking much less prescription meds than before.”

- P.S.

Headaches/Neck Stiffness/Weakness in Hands

“I used medicated rub on ointments, applied a dry heating pad (big mistake), took pain pills and muscle relaxers to no avail. My chiropractic treatment has helped me enjoy life without pain and medicine. The office staff made the treatment a pleasure.”

- M.M.

Sciatic Pain Left Leg

“I have tried muscle relaxers, aspirin and other pain relievers and they made me feel sleepy. I did not want to continue to use the medication and become dependent on them. Since I started my chiropractic treatment the pain is not as severe as before and I’m able to move more freely and feeling better each week.”

- J.H.

Scoliosis/ Back Pain

“Back and upper back pain was getting worse because of scoliosis. Dr. Johnson explained how gentle adjustments could help me feel and function better. They really have helped tremendously. He told me the adjustments would not straighten my scoliosis and was very kind and honest with me.”

- E.B.

Headache/ Neck Pain

“Caring for my children can be stressful but after my accident, the neck stiffness and headaches just wouldn’t go away. Dr. Johnson explained how whiplash can cause headaches and helped me recover. I really feel cared for in his office.”

- Jean S., Full-time mother

Wellness Care

“My first chiropractic visit was years ago and chiropractic care has kept me going when many of my friends have lost good health.”

- D.T. Age 82

“My parents used chiropractic and I’ve been getting adjustments since I was a kid. If the general public only knew how much healthier they could be with chiropractic care we’d all need fewer drugs.”

- K.M.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Johnson for over ten years for a monthly chiropractic adjustment. It’s something that has kept me in good health and will always be part of my healthcare routine.”

- J.B.

Carpal Tunnel Pain

“At first there was numbness in my hand and my hand became weak. The thought of surgery frightened me. My sister who is a nurse referred me to Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson fitted me with a wrist brace and began adjusting the small bones in my wrist. The numbness stopped after several weeks and my hand strength has returned. Some people may need surgery but not everyone.”

- B.M.


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